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Seasonal Servings

Our diverse menu is in sync with the seasons, only ever using ingredients in their prime.

Daringly Different Drinking

Unusual ingredients in unexpected combinations, served in a unique environment.

Supreme Service

Technically perfect and friendly service, with minimum fuss and no pretensions.

Our Story

Mr Cooper’s House & Garden combines modern touches with the history and heritage of Mr Cooper himself, whose house and famous gardens sat on the site back in 1819.

Thomas Cooper was a popular figure in Manchester. The family were coach-makers by trade and their garden on the site of The Midland was famous for its strawberries, gooseberries, apples and flowers. On special days of the year, The Coopers would welcome the public in to stroll the gardens and picnic there.

Cooper Street, the short street across St Peter’s Square on the other side of Princess Street, used to extend as far back as The Midland and was named after the family.

A multitude of different dining settings under one roof, Mr Cooper’s offers a unique setting for everyone. Lounge in the garden amongst the cascading wall of plants and birch tree, enjoy drinks in the Library or cosy up next to friends in the leather booths of the study.